Lauren Lail carved out a new category for shopping in the south with Library – a traveling anthology of vintage finds showcased in a sun-drenched showroom in Lail’s historic downtown Charleston home.

After garnering retail experience as the manager of a high-end contemporary boutique, Lail pinpointed one overwhelming theme – every woman’s desire for her style to be one-of-a-kind and distinctively her own. For Lail, that is not solely dictated by current trends coming down the catwalk, but about storied pieces that transcend time and inspire the imagination.

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Her own closet is full of such pieces – romantic dresses, whimsical hats and an array of tops and blouses – all proudly preserving memories from the day they were first worn. “I’ve had this kind of obsession with clothes – not only for their fit or fabric, but also for the memories they evoke. Vintage pieces have a story to tell – they are the books that make my library; each garment chronicles stories of the past and the women who wore them.”

Over time, Lail amassed an awe-inspiring collection of vintage pieces and accessories and friends began to take notice of her eclectic style – part vintage, part hot-off-the runway.

She became the go-to girl for special occasion and everyday ware not found online or in local boutiques. It was not long before a spare bedroom was turned into a showroom space that housed her beautiful fashions.

With Library, Lail has set out to scour shops across the country to cultivate a vintage collection unrivaled in the southeast. She still searches for those rare finds to add to the anthology and those pieces that will tell a story as romantic and nostalgic as any great novel.

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